Fabric Rugs – Tips to Create One at Home



Fabric rugs are good for home. These can be created for just few pennies at home itself. Moreover these can also be used in any room of the home. Easy to clean fabric rugs can also be washed in washing machine and then can be hung to dry. Fabric rugs can be made from any kind of fabric such as old clothing, sheets or even any other type of fabric. With some imagination you can sew these rugs in no time. These are also available in market in vibrant colors, intricate patterns, unique designs, and fine weaving. You can get these at competitive prices. Let us look into some instructions that help in creating the fabric rugs at home itself.

Tips for Creating Fabric Rugs at Home

  • Select the fabric with which the rug needs to be created. Once you have finalized the fabric, choose the color also.
  • Decide the size of the rug that would be needed by you in the home. Cut the fabric into pieces that should be usually two inches wider than the actual size required.
  • Arrange the fabric strips on flat surface. These should be spaced two inches apart in sequence. Use the number of pieces that might be required to increase the length of the fabric rug.
  • Tape the ends of each piece with help of the scotch tape. Insure that the pieces do not move around while you are working.
  • In order to create basket weave design use another piece of fabric to weave under and over through each piece of fabric.
  • When all the four sides of the rug are formed completely with weaving, this would create a rectangular or square shaped rug.
  • Once all the pieces are in place sew all the pieces. This can be done by machine or even by hand. Once this is completed the rug is ready to be placed at the location where you had intended.

Modern fabrics weaving industry has developed a lot. Various sort of material can be used and therefore the range of products is also extensive. The modern technology also offers a lot. The methods used for fabric weaving allows to produce different sorts of fabrics. The art of rug weaving from these fabrics is very old. Although modern technology can offer different kinds of rugs of different materials but still traditional handmade rug are still overwhelming. Patterns used in the traditional fabric rugs are very attractive.

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