3D Art Gallery


A 3D art gallery is a virtual exhibition space for contemporary artists. Creating a 3D art gallery is often a difficult process and entails the use of a Java 2 SE platform. Any 3D art gallery is based on 3D Java applet. For running a 3D gallery installation of a Java 3D DirectX plugin is necessary. Some 3D art galleries are enlisted below:

3D Artists Art Gallery:3D Artists Art Gallery is a massive art gallery dedicated to the works of 3D artists from all around the world. The gallery displays the works of more than 350 artists from thirty countries of world and around eight hundred forty pieces of individual artworks. The purpose of this gallery was to showcase the works of most talented artists from around the world. The works represented here are of a high standard although any artist may submit his/her work in this gallery for perusal. The images are judged by a panel of twenty international artists. The gallery also provides posters printed on heavy glossy papers and the common sizes are 15”x 22.5” to 52.5”x 35”.

MJG 3D Art Gallery: The MJG 3D Art Gallery is a place where one can see 3D artworks created with the help of programs like Bryce Terragen and Poser.

3D Image Gallery: The 3D image is a kind of 3D art gallery where one can find various works of image artists. The types of artworks available are categorized as characters, fantastic, buildings, interiors, SCI-FI, Vehicles, environment, artificial, animals and others.

Art of Spirit 3D Art Gallery: The Art of Spirit is a 3D art gallery where one can find a huge variety of 3D computer generated arts. The gallery is divided into five subsections such as The Spiritual Gallery, The Figure Studies Gallery, The Emotions Gallery, The Fantasy Gallery and WIP Galleries.

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